St. John School is focused on cultivating confident learners and leaders. Our world is hungry for more people like that!

We are a private school that takes an innovative approach to education. It’s backed by research, and there’s no other school in West County that offers this unique learning model. Personalized learning is tailored to each students’ ability, pace, and learning style. Students are challenged to grow as a whole person: academically, socially, interpersonally and spiritually. This helps them develop real-life success skills – like communication, self-awareness, and decision-making.

St. John School in Ellisville, Missouri, is a fully accredited private Lutheran school and is aligned with state and national standards. It consistently earns Blue Ribbon status.

We Cultivate Confident Learners and Leaders.

Innovative Approach

Project-based learning and research-backed best practices are the foundation of our fully accredited curriculum. We educate and challenge students in mix-aged-level classrooms to encourage community, build leadership, and create friendships.

Tailored Design

We offer individualized education with project-based learning curriculum that is paced by each student’s ability. By providing each learner the chance to schedule their time and utilize interactive classrooms, we give them a chance to discover who they are and their unique gifts.

Whole-Person Growth

We focus on the development of the whole student emotionally, socially, and spiritually by providing experiential learning activities, developing real-life success skills, and empowering students to get involved in their community and extracurricular groups.

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Meet our team of educators who are passionate about serving the next generation.



Are you accredited?

 St. John School is accredited at the state, national, and international levels. St. John School is a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School belonging to the Lutheran Education School Association and American Christian School International agencies.


How many students are enrolled at St. John?

There are 150+ students in our Early Childhood Program and 140+ students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Do you have an athletic program?

St. John School offers athletic opportunities for all ages. Our student athletes gain great instruction, learn the importance of teamwork, and build leadership skills.


What extracurricular activities do you offer?

 St. John School offers a variety of extracurricular activities including sports, Robotics Club, Girls on the Run, and academic teams.


Can I schedule a tour?

 Yes, scheduling a tour is the first step to your journey at St. John. Simply fill out our form and we will set up a time for a personal tour.


Ready to Schedule a Tour?

If you would like to explore our school and learn more about our programs, simply schedule a tour.