St. John School is an Accredited, Blue Ribbon School

At St. John School in Ellisville, Missouri, we recognize that each student is unique, so we tailor our learning to meet the gifts, needs, pace, and learning style for everyone. Our approach brings together personalized learning, project-based learning, and a focus on real-life success skills. At the same time, our curriculum meets national and state standards – our test scores are providing that this is a winning combination. Our school is an accredited and award-winning educational institution belonging to the Lutheran Education School Association and American Christian School International agencies.


St. John School is accredited by the following international, national, and state educational agencies:

  • Internationally Accredited by Cognia, updated on a cyclical basis
  • National Lutheran School Accreditation, initial accreditation conferred 1991; updated annually
  • Missouri Non-Public School Accrediting Agency, initial accreditation conferred 1991; updated annually


The U.S. Department of Education named St. John School as a 2008 Blue Ribbon School. The award distinguishes and honors select schools across the country for helping students achieve at the highest levels. St. John School upholds this standard for our students, who continue to engage in challenging curriculum and experiential learning opportunities.

Who receives the award?

  • 320 public schools nationwide receive the award yearly
  • 50 private schools nationwide receive the award yearly

What does this mean for St. John students?

  • Our students excel and are performing in the top percentile of the nation on standardized tests.
  • Our curriculum and ongoing improvements have created a compelling learning environment and ultimately, benefited students.
  • Our efforts to provide a quality Christian education are recognized nationally.

We are honored by this prestigious award and are blessed by the incredible faculty and staff leading our children. We continue to give God the glory for what’s been accomplished and will continue to “press on with Christ.”


St. John School is a member of the following national and state educational agencies:

  • Lutheran Education School Association (LESA) which assists joint programs between 26 Lutheran schools in the greater St. Louis area
  • St. John is a member of American Christian Schools International (ACSI)

Faculty Memberships

Many of our faculty and staff hold membership in nationwide educational entities, which ensures our students receive instruction utilizing current best practices.

  • ISTE
  • ASCD
  • LEA
  • METC

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