St. John School is an innovative personalized learning academy in West County, St. Louis. We are seeking a forward-thinking principal to join our leadership team as we continue to be thought leaders for education throughout the country.


Seeking amazing candidates for our Principal of Academic Innovation!
Reach out to Melissa Harting at with résumé if interested.
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Principal of academic innovation job description



January 13, 2021

Scott Osbourn, Principal of Academic Excellence, announced that he was taking a call to a school in his hometown of Baltimore, MD.

February 1, 2021

The Principal Search Team was formed:
  • School Leadership: Executive Director Doug Mauss
  • School Leadership: Principal Rachel Bausch
  • Church Leadership: Senior Pastor Dion Garrett
  • Church Leadership: Director of Operations and Finance Tracy Dunn
  • Human Resources: HR Coordinator Melissa Harting
  • Teacher Representative: Jennifer Pickens

February 8/9, 2021

Principal Search Process Timeline was approved by the Parent Council and Principal Search Team.


February 10, 2021

Timeline and Next Steps were shared with teachers and school families.


February 12-19, 2021

Feedback Stage Begins:
  • Principal Scott Osbourn submits key tasks and attributes for his successor.
  • Principal Search Team creates surveys for parent and teacher feedback.
  • Principal Attributes surveys sent out to teachers and parents – Feb 12 (due by Feb 16!) Fill Out Parent Survey
  • Listening forums to evaluate strategic next steps for the school
  • Parent In-Person Forum: Tuesday, Feb 16, 7:00pm in the Commons
  • Parent Zoom Forum: Friday, Feb 19, 12:00pm Register Here
  • Teacher In-Person Forum: Wednesday, Feb 17, 3:40pm in the Commons

Fill Out Parent Survey
Register for Parent Zoom Forum | Friday Feb 19


February 17, 2021

Principal Search Team will compile principal attribute feedback from surveys and finalize the new principal job description. The job description will be posted publicly in various forums. Parents and teachers are encouraged to refer exciting possible candidates!


February 19, 2021

Executive Summary of Staff/Parent Survey:

Parents and teachers had the same highest-rated values for three of their Top 5 desired characteristics in our new principal!

  • Is eager to form relationships within the school community.
  • Is easily accessible and timely in communication.
  • Is personable and easily approachable.

In addition, parents also highlighted a desire for the new principal to provide staff accountability and feedback, as well as prioritize campus safety. Teachers additionally desired a principal of strong personal faith who strives to know families and students by name.

Principal Job Description publicly posted. Seeking qualified candidates by the first week of March.