Innovative Approach

We combine best practices from personalized learning, social-emotional learning, and project-based learning.

Tailored Design

Christian School Educators with passion who are equipped with the right tools, like digital curriculum, can deliver education that is tailored to each student’s learning style and pace.

Whole-Person Growth

Students develop real-life success skills like communication, self-awareness, collaboration, and decision-making. Skills that will instill confidence for any learning environment.

Education is personal

Many schools still follow the factory-style model of education, teaching to the middle and preparing students for a world that no longer exists. The result can be graduates who are gifted academically yet struggle to connect and collaborate with others.

We’ve left that model behind.

We are proud to partner with like-minded families, those who know that the world needs confident learners and leaders who are creative, empathetic, and motivated.

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Private School Education Personalized At Every Level

Early Childhood Center

Age 2 – Junior Kindergarten

For early childhood, we’re a Christian school that offers a distinctive program where classrooms are filled with beauty, students’ minds and hands are challenged to think and explore. An atmosphere where teachers radiate love for their students and Jesus.


St. John School

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Using a balance of project-based learning, digital curriculum, and interactive environments our educators can tailor learning to each student’s ability, pace, and learning style. Students are empowered to go further into areas of passion and skill.

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Enrollment for the
2024-2025 School Year

Enroll your child and see the difference personalized learning makes in the education journey, and become confident learners and leaders our world needs!

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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Hear from School Families

We are so thankful our kids were in a school positioned to make this transition so easy! Not that teaching 3 kids at home plus a toddler is “easy” but with the tools our kids were already using at St. John School, it’s like they haven’t missed a step.

Allison & John B.
St. John School Parents
We are so grateful to be a part of a forward-thinking school that prepared our kids for this stay-at-home order with their personalized learning approach!
Lindsey & Jeremy J.
St. John School Parents
The teachers are so involved, they teach them as if they are their own children. Always showing love and kindness. And their learning platform is top notch, ahead of times compared to what other schools are using. This is a sophisticated, personal learning approach that helps create success with your child.
Anne and Jon B.
St. John School Parents