A meaningful learning path, tailored to your child.

Registration is now closed. If you have any questions, please contact our admissions counselor.
Space is limited. $300/student.
6-week Math & Language Arts program in June – July.

Paired with an Educator

Your family will be paired with a St. John School Educator for the duration of the program.

Personalized Path

The program begins with a learning test that builds a path based on each child’s content mastery in Math and Language Arts.

Peace of Mind

Parents can rest assured that their child is progressing in Math and Language Arts

Combat Learning Loss

As school campuses closed early, for many “summer” has been extended by 1-2 months. The potential learning loss that could occur is known as the COVID Slide.

As educators and parents ourselves, we know distance learning can put a strain on families. It is difficult to see children struggle and yet still need to provide academic and social-emotional support in brand new ways.

That is why we are launching, for the first time, a digital summer learning academy – to keep students on track in Math and Language Arts.

Personalized Digital Learning with St. John School

Personalized learning at St. John School is an integration of individualized learning, social-emotional learning, and project-based learning.

As part of individualized learning, our school launched a digital platform in 2018 that tailors learning paths for children in a number of subjects. We’ve spent the past several years refining its integration with our personalized learning approach.


We LOVE St. John’s teachers. In the midst of this pandemic, they made the transition to online incredibly smooth. It’s easy for us, as parents, to see where our kids our succeeding or struggling. The teachers walk alongside and make learning meaningful.

Krista S.
St. John School Parent

The digital learning experience with St. John School has been a huge blessing for our family. We are amazed at how well our kids have been able to learn at home using the resources provided. I know other parents are wondering whether or not their kid will be prepared for the next grade with digital learning, but I am 100% confident my kids are ready for the next challenge.

Nathan T.
St. John School Parent

Because of everything that’s happened with COVID-19, there’s been a lot of uncertainties and unknowns, and we’re just trying to manage everything from home. St. John School has made this process so much easier.

Lindsey J.
St. John School Parent

Enrolling in the Summer Learning Academy

Digital learning in Math & Language Arts. Personalized for each student.
Guided by a St. John School educator.


Registration is now closed. If you have any questions, please contact our admissions counselor.

Space is limited. $300/student.
6-week Math & Language Arts program in June – July.

Establish a Learning Path

After registration, a St. John School educator will work with you to build a learning path in Math and Language Arts that is customized for your child. After completing a learning diagnostic, students are provided with lessons that offer meaningful progression.

See Meaningful Progress

Through weekly touchpoints with St. John educators, you’ll experience peace of mind and confidence that your child will be on track for the next school year.


What is Summer Learning Academy?

St. John School (Ellisville, MO) has a brand new e-learning program to help students stay on track in Math and Language Arts for the fall. Elementary and middle school students are paired with an educator who will help personalize each student’s learning according to their unique academic strengths and areas for growth.

What does summer learning provide my student?

Each student will receive access to our digital Math and Language Arts programs, a diagnostic to assess their current performance level, and a personalized learning path.

Each student is paired with his or her own educator, who will provide a weekly 30-minute touchpoint via Zoom as well as email check-ins throughout the week, as needed (as assessed by the educator).

Is this considered summer school?

Summer Learning Academy is considered an enrichment program, intended to keep skills sharp and combat learning loss. It differs from our typical personalized learning program, which includes face-to-face individualized attention, social-emotional growth, and project-based learning.

What are the technology requirements?

Each child will also need access to their own digital device. The program is browser-based – at this time, access through an app is not available. You may find it easier to access content through a laptop or desktop computer.

For teacher interaction, you will need a webcam, Zoom access, and an email address.

For new families, the cost for the academy can be applied to the registration fee, should you decide to enroll your child at St. John School for Fall 2020.

Technical System Requirements

What is the time commitment?

To make meaningful progress, we recommend students invest 30 minutes in Language Arts and 30 minutes in Math each day, five days a week (at a minimum). The Summer Learning Academy was designed to be an enrichment program to prepare students for the next level. The program may require parental assistance, at times, depending on the age of the student.

Will this program work for my K-2 student?

For younger students, video tutorials will be created to help orient families to the digital platform. Younger students may need more support at home to successfully complete this program, since they will not have the continuous presence of a teacher to assist them.

Will my child fall behind if we go on vacation?

For younger students, video tutorials will be created to help orient families to the digital platform.

Will my child receive a report card?

Since this program is intended for enrichment, an official report card and transcript will not be provided. Students, with their teacher, will produce a conference report summarizing content introduced and progress achieved.

Questions? Contact our admissions counselor about our Digital Summer Learning Academy.